Luis Aldana – San Bernardo EF2

This coffee was sourced directly from Finca La Granja in Colombia and it was produced by Luis Aldana. Its our first San Bernardo varietal and we are very excited to roast it! San Bernardo is a Typica mutation that originated from Guatemala and its not common to find in Colombia. Although it does share characteristics with Typica such as amazing sweetness, it is also a very complex cup.

This lot was fermented using the Ef2 process where selectively hand picked coffee cherries are placed in open buckets for 24 hours and then placed in containers to ferment anaerobically for 48-50 hours. The cherries are then removed from the containers and dried on raised beds. This cup boasts with complexity and layered flavors. Expect intense white chocolate sweetness with notes of honeycomb, strawberry yoghurt, nectarine and dried apricot with a spice undertone.

*this coffee is available in 150g jars in whole bean only.

Flavor Notes: white chocolate, honeycomb, strawberry yoghurt

Recommended for: Filter

Best after: 16 days post roast


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Luis Aldana – San Bernardo EF2

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150 gm

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Whole Bean