In Pursuit of the
Perfect Cup

The story started approximately 5 years ago; four coffee addicts in search of the next dose of delicious coffee. With no local reference point for the perfect cup of coffee, each sourced their own beans and collectively shared their findings.

Their hobby eventually turned into an obsession and grew naturally into a passion project with a single mission: to continuously source the best beans they could find and roast them to perfection.

Enter Brown Nose Coffee.

Holding true to this mission, they outfitted an old warehouse into a fully functional coffee roasting facility where they grade, roast and brew that perfect cup.


Brown Nose Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster in the heart of Giza, Egypt.

We work with leading farms and specialty coffee importers from across the globe to source the top specialty grade green coffee beans. 

Our roasting process is led by a team of SCA Certified Roasters and Baristas using  profiling software and instinct to ensure the innate qualities of these amazing coffees shine. 

But it doesn’t end there.

To ensure quality from bean to cup, we support our partners by setting up their coffee bar and train baristas on proper coffee handling fundamentals.

Our Roaster

A vibrant experience where coffee enthusiasts can enjoy a great cup of coffee and experience the full roasting process. From exploring green beans to learning from our Baristas, you can watch our roasters in action. 

The roastery is fully equipped with a green bean storage room, a coffee lab, coffee roaster, commercial grinders, brewing equipment, a packaging station, and a lot of passion.