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Finca Puerto Alegre Geisha Anaerobic

The Lopez family have been cultivating coffee on Finca Puerto Alegre and Finca La Esperanza for three generations. Finca Puerto Alegre is divided into parcels that are located in the mountains surrounding the town of Pijao. The main plot sits in the foothills and has a stream passing through. This coffee is our first of the Geisha variety, and it will not be our last.

At first grind your are immediately hit with a bursting smell of tropical fruit. The cup itself is bulging with complex fruity notes that are intensified by the anaerobic process. The fermentation here is not too intense that it masks the coffee flavors; which we enjoy a lot. Expect tropical flavors like mango at first sip, followed with stone fruit like plum and apricots; and ending on a sweet note with white grape that coats your mouth.

Flavor Notes: Mango, Apricot, Plum

Recommended for: Filter

Best after: 16 days post roast

Our Filter Recipe:

20g coffee medium fine grind/300g water/temp 90c/2:30 mins

Bloom 50g. At 30s pour another 50g. After full draw down pour 200g at a steady slow rate.


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Finca Puerto Alegre Geisha

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