Luis Anibal Calderon – Villa Betulia Natural EF2

This coffee was grown by Luis Anibal Calderon at his farm Villa Betulia in Huila, Colombia.  Luis has been working with his family to promote specialty coffee and has created an outstanding effect in his community! We are beyond happy to roast his coffee and there will be more coming from Luis Anibal for sure!

This lot has gone through extensive experimental processing. The ripe handpicked cherries are fermented in open containers for 24 hours and then anaerobically fermented in grain pro bags for a further 48 hours! After-which, the coffee was dried on raised beds.

This coffee is both elegant and mind boggling. Expect a beautiful citric acidity to cover your mouth as you taste tropical flavors such as white grape, passion fruit, and poached pear. The Ef2 process impaired the coffee with a silky caramel-like sweetness.

*this coffee is available in 150g jars in whole bean only.

Flavor Notes: passion fruit, white grape, poached pear

Recommended for: Filter

Best after: 16 days post roast


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Luis Anibal – Villa Betulia Natural EF2

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150 gm

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Whole Bean