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Swara AB

This is our first Kenyan coffee release. In coffees from Kenya we look for bright crisp acidity, a good balance, and a great body. Swara, which is the Swahili word for the graceful and elegant gazelle, ticked all the right boxes when we first cupped it. What we love most about this coffee is its sweetness and mouthfeel. Expect notes of brown sugar, lemon, and green tea.

This coffee is composed primarily of SL28, SL32 and Ruiru-11 from small estates and cooperatives throughout Western and Central Kenya. Farmers handpick cherries and deliver to the nearest washing stations to be processed while some farmers process on their own farm. Like most Kenyan coffees, this coffee is washed and dried on raised beds. Even though coffee growing had a relatively late start in Kenya, the country has amassed a great reputation for quality in the cup.

Recommended for: Filter.


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Swara AB

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