Holiday Blend

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Ethiopia x Kenya x Indonesia

It’s that time of year again! We’re stoked to release our third edition of the seasonal Holiday Blend! This year’s blend is kind of different than what we’re used to but in a good way. It’s made from blend of a washed Kenyan, washed Ethiopian, and a natural Indonesian coffee resulting in a super sweet and silky cup.

Expect a floral berry-like aroma, medium body, and notes of chocolate, grape, and a sweet candy-like finish.

Recommended for: Espresso, Filter

Our Espresso Recipe:

Ratio: 1:2.2

Dose: 18g

Yield: 40g

Time: 37 Seconds

Temperature: 92 Celcius

Our Filter Recipe:

Ratio: 1:15

Grind Size: Medium (sand-like)

Dose: 20g

Yield: 300g

Time: 3:00 Minutes

Temperature: 94 Celcius

Pour 40g – wait 30s – pour 100g – wait for the draw down to be almost complete – pour 100g – wait for the draw down to be almost complete – pour last 60g – give the brewer a swirl to flatten the coffee bed. Draw down should finish around 3-3:30 mins.



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Seasonal Blend

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Whole Bean, Espresso, Moka Pot, Filter Machine, French Press, V60, Cold Brew, Aeropress

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