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The Chelbessa Washing Station, where this coffee was processed, is fairly new to the coffee landscape in Yirgacheffe. Yirgacheffe is actually part of the Sidamo region in southern Ethiopia. It is widely recognized as one of the key coffee ‘birth regions’, and its washed coffees are so well-known that is has been sub-divided into its own micro-region. Most of the coffee grows at around 2,000+ metres above sea level.

Most farmers in the region farm on fewer than 5 hectares (many counting their coffee farms in terms of trees rather than area!).  The farmers incorporate a 36-48 hour fermentation process in the wet mill and then use raised beds for drying the beans under the sun.

This delicious lot from the Chelbessa washing station is delicate and floral. It is everything we want a coffee hailing from Ethiopia’s famous Yirgacheffe region to be.

Recommended for: Filter, French Press, Moka Pot


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