El Salvador


Finca El Cocal Anaerobic Geisha

This Geisha lot was produced by the Alfaro family; they are fourth generation coffee producers and own Agricola San Augustin. The region’s volcanic soil and high elevation as well as the Alfaro’s meticulous attention to detail result in some of the sweetest coffee cherries.

This is our second Geisha offering and it’s a natural anaerobic processed coffee. After harvesting the ripe cherries, they are placed in airtight container and fermented anaerobically for 168 hours. Following the fermentation, the cherry is dried on raised beds after which it is turned frequently to ensure even drying for an average of 28 to 30 days.

This is beautiful coffee that demands appreciation. Expect a complexity in flavor combining milk chocolate, red grapes, dried apricot, and green apple. Overall it is a wonderfully balanced cup with a soft acidity and syrupy body.

Flavor Notes: dried apricot, red grape, green apple

 Recommended for: espresso and filter

Best after: 16 days post roast


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Finca El Cocal Geisha

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