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El Jardin Black Honey Anaerobic

Café Rivense del Chirripó is a family micromill founded by Régulo Ureña and Isabel Rojas in 2005.It is located in the southern part of Costa Rica; Brunca region and is settled in a micro-region called Chirripó.

Chirripó is located between two mountains Cerro de la Muerte (3.491m.) and Cerro Chirripó (3.820m.). The high altitude and rich soils contribute to the production of excellent and complex Costa Rican coffee. The quality of the coffee has been recognized in Cup of Excellence competition, achieving number 5 in COE 2019, with the microlot Vista al Chirripó Caturra Honey.

This is an anaerobic black honey processed coffee. This is our second black honey process from Costa Rica and we love it. We enjoyed how wild yet balanced the cup is. Deep red fruit and tropical flavors dominate the cup with a beautiful syrupy body. Enjoy this coffee as filter or a funky espresso.

Flavor Notes: Cherry Jam, Red Grape, Cantaloupe

 Recommended for: espresso and filter

Best after: 16 days post roast


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El Jardin Black Honey Anaerobic

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