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Brazil Fazenda Amizade

The story of Fazenda Amizade is the story of a friendship between two families who both loved coffee culture. While one family, based in Brazil, gained the experience and access to technology that would enable them to be good coffee growers, the other family worked on the specifics of investment and the business side of the farm. In 2005, the families acquired the land in Campos Altos, Minas Gerais and named the it “Fazenda Amizade” from the Portuguese word “Amizade” meaning “friendship.”

There are a growing number of farms in Brazil that are focusing more on cup quality than volume. These farms approach growing, harvesting and processing with a great attention to detail. The altitude and volcanic soil in Brazil are prime conditions for growing the balanced, well-bodied coffees of Brazil.

What we found to be really interesting when we cupped this coffee for the first time is the hint of strawberry note at the finish. Overall its a really easy drinker like most Brazilians with a great body and sweetness.

Recommended for: espresso and filter.


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Fazenda Amizade

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